Women’s Tours for Vacation and a Purpose.

Women find themselves searching for a travel solution when friends or family are unable to travel with them. Faced with this problem, you have two choices: a) stay home OR b) join a group of women who are just as excited about travel as you are.

Why not make time for yourself to refresh and renew your mind, spirit and body? Recharge your energies in the company of other like-minded women while traveling to fascinating destinations.

Meet the Other Women Before You Travel: You’ll have plenty of opportunities to communicate and get to know the other women on your trip, and your roommate if you choose to share a room. By the time the trip begins you’ll already be well acquainted and excited to meet your fellow travelers in person!

Most Women Ask for a Roommate: Sharing a room can save you hundreds of dollars. We match you with a roommate close to your age so you’ll already have some things in common. If a single room is your choice, no problem; most tours offer a single room option and there are usually a few women every trip who want a single. All our tours are non-smoking as are the rooms.


We are getting together some great new travel destinations. Dates and prices to be announced soon.

Stay tuned and start saving for trips of a lifetime.

Making Magnificent Memories for You.







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