Girlfriends Are Pennies From Heaven

By Virginia O’Connor

Friendships between women can be some of the most satisfying relationships we ever experience. Full of loyalty, compassion, love and empathy, female friendships are known for their endurance and devotion. In her new collection of short stories, Girlfriends Are Pennies from Heaven, Virginia presents a comprehensive array of tales highlighting these special bonds between women. The author shares stories that encapsulates the female experience in many ways – in everyday things and special life-changing events, and how friends make everyday experience a joy, and even the most difficult times manageable.

With more than 50 short stories, Girlfriends Are Pennies from Heaven combines Virginia’s personal recollections and stories from friends and family, mixed with mind provoking quotations and sage advice. Topics include dating, marriage, childbirth, in-laws, death and more. A member of the “Sandwich Generation” describes the stress and emotional toll that taking care of elderly parents can take on a woman.

This is a celebration of all girlfriends out there who share each others lives. Any woman will feel celebrated and inspired with Girlfriends Are Pennies from Heaven.

©2008 Genuinely Ginny Inc., 145 pp.

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** “My younger daughter gifted me your book. She also gifted her sister a copy as well. We’ve read the book and identified with many of the anecdotes you related.  How simple and how true they are. We are delighted to reread it again and again.”  Pearl
** “Little vignettes that speak to us all. Cuddle up in winter or stretch out in the summer sun. A nice afternoon read.” Wendy
** “This is an extremely interesting, well written book about female experiences. The author has shared her stories as well as stories by other women and stories all women can relate to. Her use of quotations was excellent after each topic.Being divorced, single and having a husband remarry, I could relate to the author with those stories. So many other stories touched home base with me. I think she is on to something. Women need to band together, and help each other out by telling our stories to each other.A great book to give for Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day or anyday. Give to your girlfriends, daughters, sisters, mothers.As the author states “more than ever we women need each other.”
I am thinking of sending my own story in to see if she accepts it for her next book.” Theresa


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