Energy Skills for Sensitive Souls

by GuestContributor on May 21, 2011

You pick up on the feelings of others and go home drained and exhausted. The noise of the traffic rattles right up your spine as your shoulders spring up with tension. You are deeply moved by the sadness of others and find aggression scorches your system. You prefer natural foods, are sensitive to chemicals and additives and you react strongly to sugar.
Is there something wrong with you? Are you weak? Are you ill?

No. You are simply a ‘Sensitive’ and your sensitivity is in fact your STRENGTH!

High sensitivity can occur for many reasons; trauma, nature, nurture but most significantly for our times, sensitivity is also a sign of awakening to your TRUE ESSENCE. Enhanced senses are part of being fully alive on this living planet and a sign of your re-emerging interconnectedness with the universe. You are waking up; your nervous system is waking up, protesting against the over-stimulation of a sometimes toxic human-made world and seeking nourishment and safety.

As a sensitive soul you are constantly feeling the invisible vibrations and energies around you. Most of our universe is made of energy, our thoughts and feelings are energetic in nature and our communications are vibrational. Sensitive souls FEEL everything and it can lead to overwhelm.
So to have a POSITIVE experience of sensitivity it is essential to have an ENERGY TOOL BOX.

When you learn basic energy skills your experience of being a sensitive can be transformed. No longer will you need to self-medicate to numb the pain of unmanaged sensitivity.

So let’s get started with your ENERGY SKILLS for sensitive souls:

Most of us breathe in a restricted way without realising. Sensitives have a tendency to hold their breath when anxious which makes the anxiety worse. Becoming conscious of how you are breathing throughout your day can be transformational. A few well-placed deep breaths can totally shift how you feel. Conscious breathing keeps energy moving and healthy energy is energy that is moving.

TRY THIS: Take 5 deep breaths in through your nose, out through your mouth. Breathe in for the count of 4. Hold for the count of 4; breathe out as if blowing out a candle for the count of 8.

Before leaving your house place a large bubble of light all around you. This is your ‘energy clothing’, practical attire for thriving in the world as a sensitive soul. It is the equivalent of putting up an umbrella when it rains. Place as many layers around you as you like. Give them different colours; decorate the bubbles with symbols or images of whatever quality you wish to feel. Each time you pop to the loo imagine your bubble again to re-energise it.

Without knowing it we form etheric chords and ties between us and other people as well as things and places every day. The chords between people affect relationships and how we feel in ourselves. A good daily practice at the end of each day is to do a quick chord clearing. See it as sweeping away any cobwebs that are clogging up your aura. Leaving them unattended makes you feel irritated, foggy, reactive and defensive and feeling as if you just can’t shake someone off.

TRY THIS: When you get home or just before bed, pause for a moment and say this out loud or in your mind:

“Archangel Michael, guides and angels, please help me to clear away all chords, ties, links and connections between me and any other person, place, time or dimension that are not for my highest good NOW. And so it is. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

Imagine it happening, see it in your mind.

Now pick a point on the ceiling and imagine a shower there raining white light over you rinsing away any energy that isn’t yours.

Sensitive souls get easily ungrounded due to overwhelm, overstimulation and build up of energy from others and from environments. A quick way to discharge energy you have taken on is to stand for 15 minutes barefoot on the earth. In just 15 minutes your energy system gets a total ‘reboot’, it’s like a mini-detox. This practice has also been shown to also alleviate inflammation, stress and contribute to the ridding of cellulite!!
For a free clip of a grounding meditation go here:

Sea salt baths or swimming in the sea cleanse your aura and ground you. They ease stress and bring you back to YOU again. Put a good handful of sea salt in your bath and take one most evenings.

Use dried white sage leaves, incense sticks or smudgesticks to cleanse your aura and the energy in your home, especially after a visit from someone with difficult energy or after a tricky phone call or email. Light the end of a sage leaf, incense stick or smudgestick then blow out the flame allowing the smoke to billow from the end. Hold it over a bowl to catch ash and move the smoke around the outline of your body and around your home to cleanse the energy.

Good luck! If you have any questions please contact me.

Love and blessings,

Kimberly Jones

Guest Contributor Kimberley Jones is an Energy Intuitive, Modern Mystic, Teacher, Writer and Artist. Following one of the most dramatic ‘awakenings’ recorded in the Western World, her path has led her one synchronistic step at a time to this moment and this ‘lightwork’ facilitating healthy awakening and energy-conscious living during our Great Shift. Read more about Kimberly on our Guest Contributor Page.

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